Thursday, February 25, 2010

MOVIE MARATHON: Theme of my days off

I am 25 years old and I only get to have a break 2 days in a week. My work load makes me feel like I am already 50 and I should be taking the best out of any break that I get. I should be lounging in the nearest beach or maybe club hopping by night. I mean, come on! I need to get a life!


Nonetheless, though I get to lead a less adventurous life, I try make it less boring. Last week, I watched PERCY and the LIGHTNING THIEF in SM Cinema. Aside from the improved print outs of the tickets, the movie was not really... hmmm.. memorable. It was more of a modernized version of the HERCULES adventures that I used to watch when I was kid. I actually enjoyed the trailers more.

I am currently looking forward to watching CLASH of the TITANS and COP OUT. The trailers of these particular movies showed off amazing utilization of screen effects that today's technology can offer.

While waiting for them, a while ago, I went off and watched other movies that came out late of last year. The PRINCESS and the FROG was a Disney cartoon film that featured a Black American Princess. It was a mix of Cinderella meets the Frog prince with a twist of Louisiana voodoo culture. It was a feel good movie and it made the idealistic girl in me believe in happy endings all over again.

Next movie was ALVIN and the CHIPMUNKS 2: The Squeakquel. I honestly liked PART 1 better. I could very much summarize the surprising parts into 2 things: the girl chipmunks that were also singers (but not really much because they litterally looked like girl versions of The Chipmunks) and the guest appearance of Charice Pempengco. It's basically a feel good movie for kids.

The LOVELY BONES had the deepest meaning amongst the movies that I've watched this past two weeks. It was a story about a 14 year old girl who could not move on in the after life because she wanted her murder to be brought to justice first. To lose a loved one over a senseless crime is probably one of the hardest thing that one has to go through. This movie showed how the girl's family struggled to heal and to understand that moving on does not mean forgetting. Watching it made me appreciate the fact that the members of my family are all whole and hearthy and that I would do anything to keep them safe.

The most intriguing was The FOURTH KIND. It had an atmosphere of truth to it. The director made the movie like an actual re-enactment. Alledged true to life videos of interviews with the abducted people of Nome, Alaska were also running side by side with the movie and if you are the type that really has an open mind... you might end up... believing. Watch it and see for yourself.