Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hairy Personality

Most girls I know...including meself would usually have a hair cut that matches our lifestyle. Just imagine a supermodel with this hair..

For the past 20 years, I've tried a couple of hair styles already. when I was in Kindergarten, was really unflattering. My mom was most likely on one her of her worst moods when she decided to have my hair all curled up...and made me look like a scary rag doll every time I wake up in the morning.

Some were haircuts that I have never wanted to consider...but because my hair stylist was insistent, I gave in...and viola! A haircut meant for me.

The dilemma of choosing a good haircut is usually affected by factors like: lifestyle, bone structure and trends. I believe most women with busy lifestyles and would not want to be troubled with blow drying their hair or curling their hair everyday would most likely choose a bob that is wash and wear. In the meantime, a woman who gets p
aid by being a shampoo model would most likely want to maintain a long pampered maintain the image of herself and of course of the product that she's selling.

Here's a couple of tips to guide in you in choosing your perfect haircut.

If you have a strong jaw line - er...meaning when you look at the mirror, you can compare your face to that of a square (hehe - I know, harsh)...then the best option for you is to keep your hair long. Waves would be a good touch as well. Even layers will ensure that the jaws would be hidden a wee bit more. Here's a sample:

Flattering right? And if you must know, big stars are like Demi Moore and Keira Knightly have strong jaw lines as well! Just remember, keep it long...don't go with short short cuts. It would not complement the face...promise.

If you have a heart shaped face, or probably if you're a little bit chubby. Or maybe you feel like your cheeks are a little bit fat for your taste...long hair would still be the thing for you. Add bangs that's swept to the side. Then have a touch of layers as well. Another tip is use make up. From what I've heard, a bronzer make up makes you look slimmer. Check out this picture as a sample:

If you have an oval face or a long face, you might want to consider a layered hairdo with some highlights. Plus, if your hair is thick and wavy, it would really flatter your cheekbones...just like this gal: much with hairstyles. Bottom line, us girls need to remember that haircut cannot do it alone. It has to come with the right attitude. No matter how busy we are, we have to give ourselves time to do a little tidying up. Brush your hair 40 times to have a natural shine. Put a little make up...a little blush would do and a light lip color so that you won't look pale. And SMILE!

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