Thursday, April 17, 2008

We call him... Barba

You may not really know him.
You may not have seen him yet.

But he's one real jewel that you'd be glad to have.
He's not afraid to be himself.

He's opinionated.
Tactless at times - but always means well.

He can be a clown.
He can be a shoulder to cry on.

He's a true friend to those who accept him as he is.
He is a viper to those who criticize him when he is not around.

He is at times innocent.
But he is never ignorant.

He does not want people knowing that he wants to be the best.
But he sure does work hard to be one of the best.

I just wish that he never changes.
He is my dear friend

And we call him...Barba.

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