Sunday, April 27, 2008

May Narinig Ako: Blind Item for "Touch Mobile"

Disclaimer: The views of the people providing the chizmiz are not necessarily the views of the blog owner. The "May Narinig Ako" portion of this blog was created to give voice to the people who does not have blogs to publish their opinions or the rumors that they wanted to share. Once again, the views of the sources are not necessarily the same as the views of the blog owner.

Alam mo, I have reclaim.

Blogger: Oh? Wazzup? Problems with your team?
Source: No naman...with one team mate lang.
Blogger: Hmmm...o baket...what's new?
Source: Kasi naman it's so unfair. Touch Mobile is getting special treatment.
Blogger: How?
Source: Coach is giving login to Touche Mobile.
Blogger: Talaga? Eh dibah that's bawal?
Source: Yes. I think there's something going on...
Blogger: Er...meaning?
Source: Kasi I heard them one time...Touch Mobile said: "I'll do anything...(whisper whisper whisper)"
Blogger: Gosh! Susyal naman that one! Eh di kayo na rin ah... (laugh laugh). Do anything na rin para pantay pantay! (waheheheh)
Source: Ayoko nga! Kung si Dark Rider na rin lang, wag na! Manyak yun. Hmph!
Blogger: (sweat drops) Ay lord.

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