Thursday, May 8, 2008

What can you do with $600?

I was doing a deep dive analysis with one was a bad call. It did not receive any survey yet...but most likely, it will be a failing survey. Customer was saying that the agent should not say "I understand..." when he knows that the agent would not really understand what it is like to lose $600 worth of salary in 5 days.

Customer even said: "Don't tell me that you understand, coz I know that you don't! Because you're just being paid around $10...and you get to be so damned happy about it already! So don't you dare say that you understand...because I know $600 is something that you could never comprehend!"

I opened my calculator...$600 dollars is more or less 25,000 pesos in the Philippines.

I told myself: "Gagu itong customer ah. Eh anu ngayun kung bigshot siya? Does the give him the karapatan to make lait. Hmph!!! NakuUUUUU...pasalamat siya at di ako nakabarge nung time na toh...kundi....nakkuuuuuu...."

Tapos...nung ako'y nahimasmasan na....

Tama siya. $600 in one week...damn! At this moment, if you are an agent, the 25k in one week is something equivalent to a delusion.


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