Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Day Haaaaaaaayyzzzz!!!!

June 3, 2008:
First day training for GDC. I must say that the manuals that they have right now are very user friendly - easy to understand, easy to read.
The trainer was also nice. He tries to answer all our inquiries to the best of his abilities. Plus, he is really updated real time. He also takes escalations and he really knows the stuff that he prattles about.

1st impression? "Hmmm...I think I'm going to enjoy this after all..."

Then came the shadowing part. I have been hearing a lot about the account having concerns about their customer service skills and their comms skills. I originally thought that it is normal.... I mean...we are after all servicing American Customers that have a totally different can be a big factor. But to my surprise...the culture is really different.
The EOP policy is not being followed not only by the agents...but especially not by most of their support!

I even got to talk to one coach:
Blogger: So...Coach, what's your current issues right now with the account?
Coach: Uhh...(clears her throat)..right now? We have kums issues...(clears her throat).
Blogger: Ahhhhhhhh.....I see (haayyzzz).

The Coach also educated me about the things that a Coach does in a day. She did advise me that if a customer request for Level 2, the "Mentors" have to get it. If "mentors" are not available, the Coach has to get the call.

Then agent approached us and addressed the Coach:
Agent: Coach, coach...sabi ng customer, supervisor daw.
Coach: Look for a Mentor.
Agent: Wala Coach eh...I already went to their station. They all have a call.
Coach: Hmmm...look for someone else.

I resisted the urge to blurt something like:
"Packsyet...practice what you preach kaya! Coach ka ba? Baka ITKA fixer ka lang?. Putek, sayang ang 25 kiyaw sayo ah!"

But ofcourse, once again, I have learned to shut my mouth when it is needed.
I have to say that "not taking ownership" is also happening in AT&T. I NEED TO STOP COMPARING. I NEED TO SET MY MINDSET: I AM A GDC COACH ALREADY (paaaackkksyeeeet!)

I CANNOT ACT high and mighty just because I came from an account that trains their coaches to function like OMs (naks).

I was invited to be with this account because some people believe I can contribute to it's success...So I need to stop blogging and start working already.

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